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Static Stream

by Abandoned Lighthouse

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Firefight 05:49
It's a firefight Should I let this die, to learn what's right or wrong? Am I jack or spade? Should I act my age? Just burnt by waves. And it's all gonna fade, away. I'm so afraid, to act this way, to take this blame for you. So we try and find, what's left in my mind, to learn what's right or wrong. So forget the pain and drown my name You'll never be the same. Just you and me Our spirits are free to bathe in the ashes and dust Now awake and see what's left of me a broken dream.
Lighthouse 04:05
Let me take you down to the abandoned lighthouse. It's the only place I know, where we can be ourselves. It's the only place I know, where we can be free And cast your broken heart out to sea. Am I losing me? Are you losing you?
Televise 04:19
It's so hard to say what We are to each other now Are we just humans or Are we animals? It's just not fair how we Speak to and treat one another now This isn't some silly game Girl, this is love. And now you look up to me From that bed we've made What can I do to help or Save you now? Your hands felt so caring Wrapped around my neck Who'd've thought love could feel like this Never thought I would Speak like this Talk like this Live like this Who'd've thought you would Breathe like this Feel like this 'Cause you know you are Just wasting time And my heart is too small to love your kind Its weight in gold Breaks my spine And my heart is too small.
Love of my heart, I call for you But you don't Pick up the phone And I can't take no more My heart can't take no more And now it's all Just a game This love is a charade And I just can't take no more My heart can't take no more And you tried to be The one for me But you can't take that kind of honesty And I just can't take no more And I tried to be The one for me But my heart can't take no more I just can't take no more
It was late night over whiskey That she poured her heart to me She said, "I don't want to be that person, I'm such a hypocrite Timmy. I don't know how this happened. I can't go through this again." And she kept saying sorry for Her emotions runnin' in And the solace passed her by In the blink of an eye In the flashing city lights I know you feel like it's all crashing down I know your mind's a ghost town And your heart a sunken wreck But just remember darlin' You always said, "no regrets." So give that wing some time to heal And I know you'll fly away You've left too many pieces of your heart On the floor I know you feel like it's all crashing down You are just too loving For a world like this So let those fuckers gossip 'Cause I just don't give a shit
Thunder Dome.
It's hard to see yourself On the shattered screen The broken glass, the static stream And when we wake the sun Will be wrapped around The picture frames and coffee stains I saw the future once In a Polaroid A forgotten child and his broken toy The coffin that resides on the ocean floor Is meant for me and my tired voice And love you've come so far With only your broken heart And it's hard to see, so hard But the sun will rise again And I will be a last goodbye To every ancient sky But the sun will rise... The sun will rise again...
Paper Cranes 02:44


To everyone who listens to this record, close your eyes, listen closely, tread softly and sing loudly.


released April 1, 2013

All songs written by Timothy Mislock.
Recorded, Produced, and Engineered by Kyle Boyd at Headgear Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, Brooklyn, NY.

Artwork by Gabriel Alcaraz.
Art Design by Kristina Pedicone.

Mia Riddle: vocals on tracks 5 and 7
Matthew Caws: vocals on tracks 2 and 4
Scott Matthew: vocals on track 4
Abby Rock: vocals on track 4
Malati Malay: vocals on track 4
Michael Skinner: drums on tracks 3 and 5
Holly Miranda: vocals on track 9
Tim Mislock: guitar, baritone guitar, ukulele, omnichord and vocals


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Abandoned Lighthouse Los Angeles, California

As desolate as the cold northern coasts, the songs of Abandoned Lighthouse are haunting ambient siren songs of the kind that lured sailors into the rocks. With tidal guitar loops and crashing waves of reverb, Tim Mislock (Holly Miranda/The Antlers) creates vast and evocative noises under wispy pop melodies that crumble like old buildings being attacked by the elements. ... more

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